One Week

Testing this out for a possible move over to WordPress from Blogger. We’ll see how it goes for a week.

Yesterday after work I made applesauce. Also, gingerbread.



I used the New Best Recipe recipe, only I didn’t have enough molasses. I should have cut the flour down by half a cup or so, but it was too late for that by the time I realized I was low on molasses, so I ended up using honey as a substitute. (Yay, improv baking!) It turned out fine texture-wise, but you can taste the honey in the final product, which I don’t really like. (I love sugar, but don’t like honey or maple syrup. Taste buds are confusing.)

Overall, getting closer to the idea of gingersnaps I have in my head. Also, this was the only recipe I’ve ever seen that calls for an entire tablespoon of cinnamon. A tablespoon!

Yes, wild and crazy.

Tonight I made cock-a-leekie soup, a Scottish soup with chicken, barley, and leeks. I haven’t tasted it yet, but it smells really good.

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