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The wedding was splendiferous! I don’t CARE if that’s not a word (though, oddly, spellcheck is not underlining it in its nit-picky red squiggles, so maybe it wormed its way into the dictionary around the same time as “meh” did). The service was nice, there was some semi-spontaneous (okay, planned at the rehearsal dinner) singing on the part of the bridesmaids and groomsmen (“All My Life” by K-Ci & JoJo), the bride’s dress was absolutely stunning, and…yeah. It was all just beautiful. Plus, it was completely surreal to see so many people that I hadn’t seen in years – some not since 1994, or, as A.A. Milne would put it, When We Were Very Young.

outside the church


Sunday dawned sunny. Unbelievably sunny, and warm. It felt more like early September than mid-November.


sunday sunlight


I went for a walk through the park.


the park


To my great delight, I found that the old truck had been restored to its former glory (almost). It got a little remodel and is supposedly “safer” now, though clearly, all of us who grew up playing on the old, “unsafe” playground equipment made it through just fine, give or take a splinter or two. Some of us even GOT MARRIED.


the truck


I went through the park (yes, I might have climbed up on the truck on the way through, AND?), and meandered back to the woods.

red leafy tree

Upside-down trees in the creek!

trees in creek

Just kidding, it was only the trees’ reflection in the creek! All is well and right-side-up. Ha.

eight acre park



After stopping at the General Store for my usual (I am a creature of habit), I drove to Maryland to visit a friend in College Park. She had this tree with pretty yellow leaves out front.


yellow leaves


Then I got back on the road, and promptly hit some traffic. And when I say “some traffic” I mean “all cars at a complete standstill.” People eventually put their cars in park, cut the engines, got out and wandered around. It was a beautiful day, after all. I saw some kids playing hacky-sack on the median, which inspired me to get my frisbee out of the back seat. I held it up for the guy in the car next to mine to see, and he got out to join me. His name was Shane. We played frisbee for a while on the shoulder.

I-95 at a standstill


I wasn’t expecting to play frisbee with a complete stranger in the middle of I-95 today, but it just goes to show that one should be prepared for any situation.


What I’m reading: The Feast of Love by Charles Baxter; The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde (audiobook)

What I’m listening to: End is Forever and So Long, Astoria by The Ataris; Magical Mystery Tour by the Beatles; Commit This to Memory by Motion City Soundtrack


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