Chocolate Chestnut Torte


Here it is after I removed the side of the springform pan, flipped it over (without having it fall apart!) onto a sheet of wax paper on top of an upside-down cookie sheet (my improvised cooling rack), and removed the glass bottom of the pan.



By the way, it’s not actually bright red. It’s brown. You know, like chocolate. And chestnuts.

While the torte cooled, I made the icing (sorry – the glaze).

1. Put the chocolate in a small bowl, in a saucepan bring the cream to a boil, and pour it over the chocolate. Stir the mixture until the chocolate is melted and the glaze is smooth and stir in the rum.

Pretty simple. The recipe calls for candied chestnuts dipped in the glaze as well, for a garnish, but I forewent (is that a word? Past tense of “forego”? It should be…but it sounds strange) this step.

2. Invert the torte onto a rack set on wax paper, pour the glaze over it, smoothing the glaze with a spatula and letting the excess drip down the side, and let the torte stand for 2 hours, or until the glaze is set.

Check! Well, it hasn’t been two hours yet, but I don’t see anything going catastrophically wrong with it in the next couple hours.


Here it is after I inverted it a second time (again without dropping it on the kitchen floor, I might add!), and iced it.


Foreground: torte! Background: somehow more dishes accumulated. (Don’t worry, though, Marathon Girl, these are all done now too.)



The icing tastes pretty good. It’s a little nerve-wracking not to know what the cake part tastes like, but there’s really no subtle way to find out. Cakes are unlike cookies in that way. I guess we will find out tomorrow!






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