Creature of Habit

Any of this sound familiar?

-Cafe Orlin on St. Mark’s Place

-Ultimate frisbee in Prospect Park

-Pumpkin-butternut squash-sweet potato chestnut soup

-Butternut Squash Risotto

That is because I am a creature of habit, and the Sunday pattern of late seems to involve brunch, frisbee, and cooking, in roughly that order. Sometimes I shake things up and do it in a different order (brunch, cooking, frisbee, I guess that would be, since I have yet to do brunch at night. That would be a breakfast-for-dinner scenario, yes? And breakfast for dinner is awesome… I will have to look into this on some future Sunday.)

The one sort of funny/unique (I thought) thing it occurred to me to recall here also proved to be pretty average, it turns out. On my drive up to Connecticut on Thursday morning, I passed a purple billboard with white text that read, “Look! A big purple rectangle!” It made me smile, but I forgot to look up what it could possibly be for until just now. The third result Google produced was from


Today while I was driving down the highway, I saw a purple billboard that said, “Look! A big purple rectangle!” I don’t know what it was advertising, but I’m going to find out and buy a lot of it. MLIA


Apparently it’s a quote from the movie Juno (which I’ve seen twice) yet I don’t remember that line. Hello, memory loss! I’m still not sure what they’re trying to sell, and unlike the MLIA contributor I probably won’t buy a lot of it.

“Everybody’s clever nowadays.” -Oscar Wilde


By the way, I highly recommend The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins for anyone who likes young adult fiction and/or books set in a future that is radically different from our world now (e.g. Fahrenheit 451, Brave New World, Oryx and Crake). I thought the premise was creative and the characters were tremendously engaging. Definitely looking forward to reading Book Two, Catching Fire.

What I’m reading: March, Geraldine Brooks

What I’m listening to: The Decemberists, The Crane Wife; Dropkick Murphys, The Gang’s All Here


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