Finger-lickin’ Good

I want you to meet someone.

Not a person, strictly speaking.

Reader, allow me to cordially introduce you to “Finger-lickin’ Good Strawberry Shortcake,” to be known henceforth as the VICTOR of Marathon Girl’s department’s Annual Bake-Off! (Victory for the Forces of Democratic Freedom!)

Picture it (the cake, not the department) on this cake plate. It was very elegant, but it had to be transferred to a Tupperware container to be transported.

The “finger-lickin'” part of the name is IN NO WAY an allusion to what happened to Marathon Girl’s finger during the baking process. It is just a coincidence.

What I’m reading: When You Reach Me, Rebecca Stead; The Distance Between Us, Bart Yates

What I’m listening to: Dave’s piano piece


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