Creative Loopholes

Most of us, I think, have trouble letting go of things. Old relationships, the edge of the cliff, socks with holes in them. (On second thought, if you are hanging on to the edge of a cliff, you might want to hang on to it a bit longer, until help comes.) These other things, though – holey socks and underwear, papers from third grade, old bits of string, used wrapping paper, calendars from 2003 – well, there’s no logical reason for this pack-rat behavior (unless you grew up during the Depression, then you have a get-out-of-jail-free card where pack-rat-ism is concerned). And we all, except maybe those folks over at Unclutterer, have some of this flotsam and jetsam lying about, and we just can’t make ourselves part with it.

For one pair of socks in particular, I decided that the time had come. Off with their heads!

Or rather, their toes.

Ta-da! I have transformed the socks into wrist warmers. These will stand in nicely for the wrist warmers I tried and failed to knit a while back, and this solution spares me the emotional trauma of having to throw out a perfectly good sock just because its mate couldn’t hack it.

The holey heel went in the trash; the other heel is now my camera case, but for obvious reasons I could not take a picture of it serving its new function.

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