And We Wake Up And It’s Snowing

Movies, horses, dogs; laryngitis and IHOP on Christmas Day; the 101, mountains, bicycles, a tow truck, pizza, Chinese food; a ferry, SFMoMA, signage, friends, rain, airports…yes, it has been an out-of-the-ordinary week. Last night I was in San Francisco, and this morning I flew into JFK and it was snowing! I’m too sleep-deprived to be disoriented, I think. Must remember to nap later.

On my last full day in Santa Barbara, I went to visit at the barn. This baby had been born since I was there last.

Oh hi!

The puppies came too. (Okay, they aren’t technically puppies. They are nine and six. Or ten and seven. I think.)

On Sunday I drove up the 101 with my dad and brother. My brother is twenty: he’s taller than I am, he can vote, he could enlist if he wanted to, he’s a junior in college…but I still can’t wrap my mind around the fact that he can drive a car. He can, though.

While he drove 400 miles, I took pictures out the window in the back seat. There are precious few advantages to sitting in the back, but it does allow for safe photography. You are also, according to The Rules, allowed to check out of whatever conversation the driver and front seat passenger may be having, and you have the opportunity – though, like taking pictures while driving, it is not advisable – to poke the driver in the back of his head.

It says so in The Rules!

Oh hey, a cloud that looks like a dragon. Look at that!

An old friend from summer camp drove over from Berkeley to visit me. Unfortunately our lunch plans were not meant to be…

…but, being a most excellent friend, he drove back over after dinner and we got to catch up after all.

Now I must go retrieve my laundry before this rain turns to snow. Back later with Part 2 of the California Adventure, and possibly an epic year-end book recap.

What I’m reading: The Polysyllabic Spree, Nick Hornby

What I’m listening to: Stay What You Are, Saves the Day; Stay On My Side Tonight, Jimmy Eat World; assorted Bruce Springsteen

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