It’s Gonna Be the Future Soon

Okay, I don’t think the big 2009 book recap is happening today. But here is the rest of the California Adventure…

Took the ferry from Larkspur (in Marin County if I am not mistaken) over to San Francisco (see, it says so on the sign) to meet a couple of friends and go to SFMoMA.

Saw this on the second floor (actually, didn’t make it past the second floor. Too much good stuff!) amongst a collection of Lost Bird fliers that the artist had found. The one reads, “LOST DUCK. Please do NOT try to catch him. He will just fly away. Please call…” Of course, I immediately thought of Davy Rothbart and FOUND Magazine, specifically this find about a lost frog.

Paul Klee, “Nearly Hit”

I saw this journal in the MoMA store. Hats off to the artist who had the idea to draw the porcupine-pincushion encounter.

Back at the ferry terminal.

Bridge. Not the Golden Gate…Bay Bridge?

Goodbye, San Francisco.

Good, clear signage. Cyclists in the Pacific Northwest are a different breed altogether. Speaking of bicycles, I went on a bike ride! I think it was yesterday, though that seems rather impossible. I went pretty slowly but the important part is that I did not fall over or get hit by a car and die, so I am counting that as a successful two-wheeled outing.

Arrived back in Larkspur in the drizzle after dark.

Happy and healthy New Year, y’all! I don’t want to taunt fate here, but I am looking forward to a decade in which no Bush will be president.


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