Dangerous Cliffs Ahead

This Dublin book shop sign is remarkable for two reasons: it has a pretty font, and it is in front of a book store that I walked by yet did not go into. These are rare.

This sign was in the informational exhibit out at Newgrange. Basically it’s saying they were on drugs, right?

“Way out” – the hippie version of “Exit.”

Okay, not a sign, strictly speaking, but neat graffiti: one person asked, “How many times have I fallen in love here?” and someone else replied, “17 1/2.”

More graffiti (from the same bathroom stall): “Jesus will redeem your soul for fabulous prizes.”

Same stall again: “Here’s to the memory of you.” Pretty handwriting.

Took this one for my frisbee friends. I’m not sure what this sign is actually indicating, but I pictured a machine that spits out frisbees.

A plaque on the side of a building: “They had seven children and decided this was enough. One day after mass, she arrived home and told her husband that the priest said no one of childbearing age should stop having children. Sometime later she had another. Both she and the baby died during the birth. They were buried together.”

The Queen of Tarts bakery in Dublin. Absolute delicious scones…which reminds me, the next post should be food-centric. And that will be SUCH A CHANGE.

Vikings! Not really sure what these flags were for, probably some sort of exhibit?

“Live music tonite, 9-ish” – a classic example of the Irish sense of time.

You don’t see signs for Munster Thatching Services just anywhere – I spotted this one at the entrance of Killarney National Park.

“Afternoon treats” – took this one for Mom.

A limerick from Limerick.

Guinness depicted in stained glass.

“CAUTION: Very Dangerous Cliffs Ahead.” Good thing there is a sign, in case anyone missed the HUGE CLIFFS in the distance there.

I love these drastic stick figure warning signs. And in case the drawing isn’t clear enough, they’ve written out the warning in Gaelic, English, French, Italian, Polish, and German.

There was also a “Beware of Bull” sign that we saw at the edge of a field while we were walking from Doolin to the Cliffs of Moher. For some inexplicable reason I did not take a picture of it, so I’ll have to leave it to your imagination. That’s all for now!

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