Scones and Cream…and Philly Soft Pretzels

No matter where I go, there are some pictures from each trip that look the same across the board. As if I could capture the smell and taste…



Blueberry scone, cream, raspberry jam, and last but never least, butter…thank you, Queen of Tarts.

Hot chocolate with, I think, handmade marshmallows.

Scone and cream, close up.

An apple tart with vanilla ice cream. Also, cream.

Hot chocolate with Bailey’s Irish – wait for it – cream.

Chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream (same place as the apple tart – Murphy’s in Killarney – highly recommended!)

Butter. Delicious butter.

Hot chocolate on a cold rainy day in Limerick, at Cafe Noir.

Yes, Ireland (and its scones and cream and butter and hot chocolate and also, though it isn’t pictured here, its potato leek soup) was wonderful. When I returned, the U.S. asserted its hold on me via homemade Philly soft pretzels.

What I’ve been reading: The Help, Kathryn Stockett

What I’ve been listening to: Doolittle, the Pixies


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