A Rare Find

Last Thursday I went to a rare book lecture at Housing Works, given by one of their longtime volunteers.

Housing Works Bookstore Cafe, as I’ve mentioned before, is my personal oasis in the city of New York. It is relatively quiet, spacious, and filled with books; you can even get coffee or tea or muffins there, and really, what else do you need?

It’s a great place to find old used books, whether you’re looking for paperback copies of contemporary fiction (as I usually am), children’s books (those too), literary biography and memoir (oh yeah, and those), classics (and those), or anything else – plays, poetry, books on music, pop culture, history, politics; records; ARCs or galleys; and rare books.

Housing Works is where I found my Limited Editions Club copy of Wilkie Collins’ The Woman in White. (Actually, my friend found it, tapped me on the shoulder, and handed it to me. If I ever find a nice volume of Petrarch’s poems for Laura, I’ll return the favor.)

A few months later, I was at Housing Works again, and found a Limited Editions Club copy of another Wilkie Collins novel, The Moonstone.

It was just as beautiful as the edition of The Woman in White, and I immediately snagged it for my roommate – who wrote her senior thesis on Wilkie Collins. Honestly, I’d felt a little guilty keeping The Woman in White for myself in the first place, so I was extra happy to have found this one. I had a hard time waiting for her birthday to roll around, but, FOR THE RECORD, I did wait.

Beautiful binding, color illustrations and title page.

Beautiful font as well.

What I’m reading: Eat, Pray, Love, by Elizabeth Gilbert
What I’m listening to: Tim, The Replacements


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