No Puppies in This Box

On this rainy Tuesday, I present you with a guest photo, taken in a boatyard in Sausalito, CA.

Raises the question, okay, what IS in this box? Also, it seems like it would be easier to label the boxes that DO have fish in them.

Though this does present fun labeling ideas for the home – I could entertain myself for quite some time coming up with little signs for all those old empty (but what if I need them someday??) shoe boxes under the bed. “No meerkats in this box,” one might say. Or “if you’re looking for newts, try elsewhere.” Or “Looking for silver ingots? You’re out of luck!” Or “no dust bunnies here!” But wait, that last one would be a lie.

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One response to “No Puppies in This Box

  1. rocky smith

    how about “no bozos on this bus”

    any old hippie will remember what that’s from

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