Cataloging Comma Compulsive

In a fit of future-librarian-ness, I decided to catalog my books as I packed them. I started last week, with the hardcovers. I have fewer hardcovers, for a number of reasons: (1) they are more expensive (if you buy them at list price, instead of acquiring them used or for free); (2) they are inconvenient to carry around and heavy to move; (3) after my last move, I made a rule for myself that I would not get any more hardcovers (see (2)). In general, I prefer paperbacks for their inexpensiveness and convenience; I’ve even traded in hardcovers for the same book in paperback.

However, I still have some hardcovers that I want to keep, so I started with those. My roommate and I had shelved our books together, so we separated them out (sad), and I alphabetized mine and began:

I noticed that the first nine book titles (alphabetical by author) start with “The.” Lauren Groff broke the pattern with Delicate Edible Birds. Also, there is a pattern to the ISBN numbers, but I think you need one of those code-breaker rings from a cereal box to crack it.

It took a while to enter all this info, so in the interest of expediting the packing process I will probably stick to author and title only for the paperbacks. Then, if I’m bored in May, I can always fill in the rest. Doesn’t that sound like FUN?

What I’m reading: The Woman Who Can’t Forget, Jill Price; The Piano Shop on the Left Bank, Thaddeus Carhart; Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair, Pablo Neruda
What I’m listening to: an indie mix from a friend; The Replacements; The Cure; The Kinks; From Here to Infirmary, Alkaline Trio; George Harrison Live in Japan, George Harrison

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