A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

I am beginning to suspect that Massachusetts is just showing off. Other than a little humidity on Sunday, which broke after some rain, the weather has been ridiculously beautiful. This morning I walked to Town Hall to drop off my new voter registration form.

The path to the front door is lined with bleeding hearts, tulips, and lilacs.

Bleeding hearts come in white as well as pink, as do violets, apparently. (“You’ve never heard of white violets?! Weird.” Yeah, well, I bet YOU’VE never heard of blue oranges…which may be because they don’t, strictly speaking, exist. Unless you leave one out for a really long time, but even then, it’s more of a green orange with a blue tinge…)

So, yeah, they come in white.

Tulips come in all kinds of colors. I swear these ones look like they’re glowing when the sun hits them.

PURPLE violets. As it should be. (Though I’m told violets are considered weeds here. I suppose weeds are defined as plants you didn’t intend to grow where they’re growing, and has little to do with aesthetics.)

Ahhhhhh so pretty.

I’m not ordinarily such a fan of groundcover, or of the combination of pink and purple (not since I was three, anyway), but I notice these every time I go by, and I think it’s a brilliant use; I love the way they spill over the little wall.

Even if they are Disney Princess colors.

I wish I could also photograph the way the air feels and smells and tastes.

Just as I was walking up the Town Hall steps, I got a call from my roommates – one had just had his wisdom teeth out that morning, and the other was calling because the car wouldn’t start. I speed-walked home and went to pick them up from the CVS parking lot. Much easier than that 2am rescue job in college! (It was the dead of winter and I had a final at Amherst the next day. But what are friends for?)

Meanwhile, the unpacking continues. At this point, it’s down to figuring out where to put all the books, and whether I really need all those papers from college. I am thinking not.

What I’m reading: The Piano Shop on the Left Bank, Thad Carhart
What I’m listening to: Please Please Me, With the Beatles, and Let It Be, the Beatles

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