Did I mention there’s a rabbit.

His name is Oliver.

This morning I caught him washing his face under the ottoman.

He was feeling rather more curious and affectionate than usual; though he is three solid pounds of adorable (and extraordinarily soft), and all you want to do is pick him up and pet him – he hates being picked up, and doesn’t always want to be petted, either.

I made the mistake of calling him “contrary” yesterday. “It’s pronounced ‘cute,'” I was corrected.

This is his little cardboard bunny condo. Sometimes he jumps directly into an upstairs window.

One of his nicknames is Smalliver, on account of his diminutive size. Big personality, though.

This is where he lives when there’s no one around to watch him. In addition to hay, rabbit food, salad greens, herbs, and broccoli, he’s a big fan of power cords. (Also banana. Feed him a particle of banana and you have yourself a new best friend.)

Oh hi! (I may or may not have given him a nibble of banana in the recent past.)

What I’m reading: The Piano Shop on the Left Bank, Thad Carhart
What I’m listening to: The Beatles


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2 responses to “Oliver

  1. Caitlin Garing

    That bunny is adorable! As in, I want.

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