A couple days ago, a fellow Hampshire alum and old frisbee friend of mine who lives in Cambridge put out the word that he was giving away some tomato seedlings. Last night after frisbee practice I took him up on the offer. It was too dark to plant them when I got home last night, but today was a beautiful sunny day for planting!

Happy plants. I hope. There’s one Roma and two mystery kinds (there was only one mystery kind originally but I forgot what the other one was – yellow, maybe? We’ll see!). The last tomato plant I had (indoors) grew to about five feet tall but never made any tomatoes.

The mint is doing well. As usual. Mint would probably be fine no matter what you threw at it – hail, frost, hundred-degree heat (and in New England you can get all three in a day!). You can tell this one totally COULD annex Austria or conquer Alsace-Lorraine, if it wanted to. But it looks pretty cheerful and benign. We’ll just make sure it doesn’t start mobilizing troops at the border, and all will be well.

Maybe people who studied history in school shouldn’t garden so much.

Here’s the strawberry plant I got at the plant sale at Town Hall, and some basil. Both survived the massive thunderstorm we had recently and seem to be thriving. No signs of strawberries yet, but I’m patient. I can wait. (HA! I can wait for about half an hour at a time, at which point I’ll go check on it again.)


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