Lake Ontario Has Never Caught On Fire

Unlike Lake Erie.

So it has that going for it. It’s very cold in May, though – I didn’t go in any farther than this:

But it’s like that situation where you’re really close to a state line, and you don’t really NEED to go to the other state – say, Nevada – for any reason, but if you drive ten minutes out of your way you can say that you’ve BEEN to Nevada (for example), and why not? Same thing with the Great Lakes, or major rivers (I’ve also put my toes in the Mississippi). Call it compulsive dipping-toes-in-major-bodies-of-water syndrome.

And here’s your daily dose of adorable. Everyone remembers this game, right? One, two three, whee!

From the wildly exciting Lake Ontario, we go to…

…a bookstore. Naturally. Here at Book City they’ve cunningly decided to organize the books alphabetically, which results in two of my favorite authors being neighbors (despite the fact that one, namely Irene Nemirovsky, was carted off and shot by the Nazis during WWII, and the other is alive and well – AND HOPEFULLY HARD AT WORK WRITING ANOTHER BOOK – in Chicago).

Here is a duck made out of wood. I like ducks. And things made from wood.

Look, I never promised today’s post would be in any way cohesive, did I? Can something be “random-themed”? This is that.

On that theme, please look carefully and notice the huge (fake) dog on the porch of this pretty blue house. Thank you.

On that same street we saw a huge (real) Great Dane. When I say that its head was only slightly smaller than a pony’s, I am not exaggerating. Seriously, those are large dogs.

And speaking of dogs…cats! One of the cats at the aforementioned excellent coffee shop Merchants of Green was terribly tormented by this squirrel, clinging upside-down to the screen outside the window.

Same cat, later, high on catnip, squirrel forgotten.

This is the underpass where the duck and the goose were painted.

This area down by the harbor is – what else – an ice rink in winter, but a little paddling area in summer.

And that brings the “miscellaneous Canada pictures” section to a close.

What I’ve been reading: The Postmistress, Sarah Blake; A Ring of Endless Light, Madeleine L’Engle

What I’ve been listening to: Exile on Main Street, the Rolling Stones; I And Love And You, the Avett Brothers; Pleased to Meet Me, the Replacements

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