Life and Death

I encountered both on yesterday’s walk to the library.

From The Time Traveler’s Wife, (c) 2003 Audrey Niffenegger, pages 30-31 (the scene at the Field Museum):

I remove the cotton wadding from the mouth of a tube and shake a goldfinch onto my palm. It remains tube-shaped. Henry strokes its small head, lovingly. “It’s sleeping?”

“More or less.” He looks at me sharply, distrusting my equivocation.

Roadkill always makes me sad. And I have a special soft spot for squirrels. It did look like it was sleeping.

But there was also some pretty vibrant life along the way.

Just a couple weeks ago the tulips were out in force; now it’s the irises.

Out in front of the library, there was lavender:

At the edge of the frame is the statue of a young girl reading.

On the walk home I passed all the same pretty flowers, but also…

…this little guy! Who courteously held still long enough for me to take his picture.

Love the racing stripes, man.

What I’m reading: A Ring of Endless Light, Madeleine L’Engle
What I’m listening to: “Tuesday Morning,” the Pogues

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