Sign Here, Please

TSA allegedly stands for Transportation Security Administration, but I am beginning to wonder if a second, shadow agency – the Totally Screwball Administration, perhaps – is also putting up signs in airports just to mess with people.

The fact that they put up a sign specifically forbidding carry-on snowglobes just makes me wonder, you know? First of all, it’s safe to assume that the ban on liquids over 3 ounces would apply to snowglobes as it does to shampoo, sunscreen, and toothpaste; second, is May really peak snowglobe season? Was this becoming a serious problem?

However, I’d like to state for the record that I recognize the inherent danger of snowglobes – and the water, glitter, and miniature cities and/or fantasy scenes they contain – and I know that this rule is in place solely to protect those who travel by air, and not because a rogue contingent of pranksters within The Somewhat Arbitrary Administration thought it would be funny.

Consider this a public service announcement for those preparing to fly the friendly skies – put that snowglobe in your checked luggage!

This one – credit for this one goes to my mother, who was visibly excited, and who told me that there was a great sign coming up, so I had my camera ready when we passed the George Bush Center for Intelligence. (In all fairness, this sign predates His Righteousfulness George the Second [see July 5, 2006 in the archives] and refers instead to George H.W. Bush.)

It’s still funny.

Baptists – at least the one in charge of the sign in front of this church – have a way of getting their point across: “Honk if u love Jesus – Txt while driving if u want 2 meet him.”

What I’ve been reading: Gone, Baby, Gone, Dennis Lehane; Persuasion, Jane Austen
What I’ve been listening to: Blonde on Blonde, Bob Dylan; Pleased to Meet Me, the Replacements

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