Lights and Links

The chandelier fascination continues (“Look, shiny object! On the ceiling!”):

Here’s a neat one – winged light bulbs!

An old roommate of mine once had the idea to make a chandelier out of old eyeglasses and Christmas lights. Would have been a real spectacle.

Forgive me.

The reason for these recent chandelier sightings, and the idiosyncratic signs from the greater D.C. area, is that I was at a wedding last weekend. Which I totally forgot to mention in the last post.

Also at the wedding, one of the best pairs of cufflinks I have ever, ever seen (not that I have had the occasion to see all that many pairs of cufflinks):

“TRUST ME – I’M A VET.” My cousin the veterinarian was sporting these. (If he ever serves in the military, they’ll be doubly apt. But probably he should stick to doctoring elephants and giraffes and such.)

What I’m reading: How to Be Lost, Amanda Eyre Ward
What I’m listening to: Exile on Main Street, the Rolling Stones

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