Decidedly Undecided

Last weekend I went back to New York for a visit. A couple of friends and I went by Crosby Street on Saturday afternoon for the Housing Works open air street fair, and ducked into McNally Jackson Books on Prince Street as well. To our surprise they had done a recent redesign of their cafe area.

To wit: they had impaled books on the overhead lights.

“Impaled” was the word that first came to mind; and though I know that the McNally staff are fans of Simon Van Booy, that didn’t make it easier to see Love Begins in Winter speared through the heart. From a cool, rational, aesthetic point of view, I appreciate what they’ve done – but the book lover in me (that is, all of me) shudders.

They’d used pages as wallpaper, too, which for some reason didn’t bother me as much or as viscerally. It’s not a bad idea for wallpaper, really; how could you ever be bored in such a room?

What I’ve been reading: Drood, Dan Simmons; Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, J.K. Rowling (audiobook)

What I’ve been listening to: Chase This Light, Jimmy Eat World; High Fidelity soundtrack; Violent Femmes, Violent Femmes; Patent Pending, Heavens; Even If It Kills Me, Motion City Soundtrack; Revolver, the Beatles; Songs Without Words, Mendelssohn

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