Organization by Magic

A midweek post in honor of the fact that I do not have class today!

1. Whilst making myself French toast for breakfast, I accidentally (does anyone do this on purpose?) sliced my thumb with the bread knife. It was not nearly as bad as a certain incident with the immersion blender, and it gave breakfast a nice salty iron flavor! (Just kidding.) Anyway, just a friendly reminder to you all to a) use proper technique and keep your fingers out of the way of knives, and b) have a first aid kit, or at least band-aids, around the house someplace.

2. Users of Google Reader: did you ever notice there’s a “sort by magic” option? You can “sort by oldest,” “sort by newest,” or “sort by magic.” Really! I haven’t tried it yet, because I expect nothing short of sparkles and fairy dust to swirl around my computer screen when I click on it, and the realistic part of my brain is afraid that won’t happen.

3a. Speaking of Google Reader, I just discovered a new blog via a friend’s shared item: Catalog Living. It takes pictures from catalogs and makes fun of them via fictional couple Elaine and Gary.

3b. When I was using Blogger instead of WordPress, I had a bunch of links on the sidebar to blogs and webcomics I read regularly. I am now side-bar-less, but here are a few favorite posts/comics from some of those sites:

xkcd on growing up

McSweeney’s Internet Tendency on Dragon-Free Butterscotch

Questionable Content (QC) on baking and science

Dooce on customer service

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (SMBC) on religion

The Oatmeal on customer service


4. And now I suppose I should take advantage of this free time to – what else – go to the library and get some work done. Happy almost-Fourth of July weekend!

What I’m reading: Runaway, Alice Munro; The Historian, Elizabeth Kostova (audiobook)
What I’m listening to: Help! (and assorted tracks from other albums), The Beatles; The Warrior’s Code, Dropkick Murphys


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