This Pie Is Key

Guys. This is so easy. Like the beer bread, it is six (6) ingredients, and that’s if you make the crust from scratch. I really highly encourage you to make this, even if you “don’t like key lime pie,” and all your friends and family insist THEY don’t like key lime pie. I mean, look:

It is practically glowing with goodness. It wants you to eat it! It wants to be topped with fresh raspberries and whipped cream and devoured. You aren’t indulging yourself, you’re indulging it.

Key Lime Pie

The filling:
4 egg yolks (the yellow part)
3 oz. key lime juice (3/8 cup) (I use this brand)
14 oz. sweetened condensed milk

The crust:
1 pkg graham crackers (9 crackers)
1/4 cup sugar
6 Tbsp butter, melted

To make the crust, crush the graham crackers into crumbs. I usually use a potato masher in a bowl, but you can also use a food processor – that’ll take about two seconds. Mix the sugar with the crumbs, then pour in the melted butter and use a rubber spatula to form it into a crumbly dough. Press the crust into a 9″ round pie tin with your fingers, covering the bottom of the pan and going up the sides. Bake at 350 F for about 7 minutes, then remove, let cool a bit, and stick in the fridge to chill.

Lightly whisk the three filling ingredients together in a bowl, then pour into the chilled crust. Bake for about 15 minutes; when you shake the pan, it shouldn’t jiggle too much. Allow to cool. The pie is best served cold (much like revenge, I hear) and, in my opinion, topped with fresh raspberries and whipped cream, which makes it sweet (also like revenge).

To sum up: this is the perfect pie for key lime fans, people who are wary of key lime pie, and those who enjoy the characteristics of revenge in their desserts.



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6 responses to “This Pie Is Key

  1. Molly

    I just want to know – where were you, exactly, when you took those glamour shots of the pie? is the pie on a tiny set with a forest background?

  2. mom

    this pie tastes great anywhere.

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