Across State Lines

Went on a rather spur-of-the-moment trip to Maine on Saturday, returning ridiculously late Saturday night/Sunday morning. My boyfriend came up from New York for the long weekend, and some of his friends were up in Maine, and what’s another two hours in the car…etc.

The weather was beautiful, and we spent a few hours at the beach – not too much time in the water, to my chagrin (apparently it was “cold”), but lots building sea serpents out of sand, and digging giant holes, and playing bocce.

This is something you cannot easily do on the west coast. That is to say, you can go to the beach and build sand sculptures to your heart’s content, but you cannot drive across two state lines in two hours to do it. And driving to another state for the day is cool.

Welcome to New Hampshire! Live free…OR DIE.

The official Welcome to Maine sign is on the other side of the bridge, but the state line sign is in the middle. (Photo taken safely by the passenger.)

Some Maine scenery:


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3 responses to “Across State Lines

  1. Ben

    Hey, I’m from there!

    Where did you go in Maine?

  2. mom

    there is nothing like the feeling of crossing state lines. especially several in a few hours.
    i am so jealous.
    re:key lime pie – like the tie in with revenge

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