Fourth of July Fireworks

Not only do the best-laid plans of mice and men go awry, but the less-well-sketched-out plans can veer off course as well. We’d planned to watch the fireworks from the Cambridge side of things, but ended up on the Boston side after all the footbridges had closed, so we watched from there. Still, had a good view!

The reflections of the fireworks were visible in the windows of buildings. Didn’t quite manage to capture the effect here, but there are some rooftop watchers up above, along with all of us down below.

These chandelier ones were very pretty and well-liked by the crowds; there were also Saturn-looking ones, with orange rings around blue centers, and some comet-looking ones I’d never seen before, and also some in red and green that had four sparks come out of each initial spark.

I’m sure there are technical names for these.

Happy Independence Day!

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