Blueberries for Sal

First, let me just say, we did NOT encounter any bears. But we DID go blueberry picking. (Everyone remembers Blueberries for Sal, right?)

My old roommate, Marathon Girl, was in town for the weekend, and an old college friend of hers organized a lovely excursion in the form of blueberry picking and ice cream eating.

Starting out with empty pint cartons.

I think blueberry season peaks in August, so a lot of the berries were not quite ripe yet, but the hunt was on.


Got one!

This little unripe one looks like a flower.

Success! And just in time to avoid the downpour…

While we waited for the others to finish filling their containers, we explored the strange little playground/tire graveyard.

Cute, but a little too small for us.

Marathon girl loves her an obstacle course.

One of the things I adore about Marathon Girl is the clarity of her expressions. This one plainly says, “Okay, I’m up here…Now what?”

“Do you really have to take pictures of me doing this?”

“I hope you’re busy thinking of a better story than this for how I sprained my ankle.”

“Look, I can balance on one foot! I AM AWESOME. I’m going to go join Cirque du Soleil.”

Yeah, she’s pretty much like the Cat in the Hat, only  in gray instead of red-and-white stripes, and more responsible. (As far as I know, she has never attempted to balance a cake on a rake.)

No pictures of the ice cream (or the cows) – I left the camera in the car because it was raining.

What I’m reading: The Lazarus Project, Aleksandar Hemon; The Woman in White, Wilkie Collins (audiobook dramatization)
What I’m listening to: Absolutes, Barcelona; assorted songs, Jason Nichols

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