Marginalia III: It’s All Just Made Up!

This should be III of IV, as the last class was yesterday! I just need to get caught up…I took about 50 pages of (extremely useful and relevant, obviously) notes in six weeks. For part of the next post or the one after I’ll round up some fun links, too. (“Fun” in this case meaning the kind that will delight word nerds, rather than “fun” as is usually applied to water parks, the beach, etc.)

Professor quotes
On which words to use: “Art historians will fight to the death.”

On the Getty Gazetteer: “…like a CV for geographic names but on steroids.”

On precision and relevance: “It’s like panning for gold…forgetting all the mud you had to go through, how many nuggets did you get?”

On Google relevance rankings: “This is as much as they’ll admit in public.”

On bookmarking: “The initial intention was not, ‘Ooh, let’s share and make friends.'”

On “tags that make sense”: “This is supposed to be easy, this is not being easy!”

On tagging, social bookmarking, and consequences: “Programmers were bored.”

On enumerative classification: “And this is why there is arbitrariness.”

On classification: “You can’t go blithely making up numbers.”

On the need for an index: “The classification scheme is useless [without an index] if it’s any degree of LARGE.”

On Cutter tables: “It’s all just made up!”

On weather: “If it ‘feels like’ a hundred, it’s a hundred!”

On tables: “It’s like a scavenger hunt…but less fun.”

On personal organization: “I’ll grant you that’s a little compulsive.”

“Ontology: the study of Ont”

-an inchworm
-a set of curtains (captioned “it’s curtains for you!”)
-a jar of cinnamon (“is there a synonym for cinnamon?”)
-a pair of eyes looking into a pot of soup (“Boolean/bouillon searching”)
-a spinning top
-an arrow leaving a bow
-argyle (“pattern matching”)
-a slice of watermelon
-a funnel

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