Adventures at the DMV

The upcoming move to Somerville forced me to face a series of tasks I’d been dreading and therefore putting off: changing my insurance, car registration, and driver’s license over to Massachusetts. Everything had been set up in California before, despite the fact that I haven’t lived there since 2003. While I was in school (in western Mass.), it seemed easiest to keep everything with the permanent address; and even when I moved to New York, I knew that was going to be temporary too. (Three years’ worth of temporary, as it turns out, but still.)

So I guess this implies permanence, or about as permanent as anyone’s twenties are likely to be. Though the specific address will change, probably more times than I’d like, in the next few years, I think I’ll be sticking with this state for a bit.

In my management class, we just went over “escalation of commitment” – usually it implies a situation where Person A has committed to Plan X, and Plan X is beginning to look like Maybe Not the Best Decision Ever. But Person A remains committed, because s/he has already invested resources – financial, emotional, etc. – in Plan X. You hear about this happening a lot in the stock market.

My point is – if YOU’D just spent four hours in the insurance office and the DMV, respectively, you’d be pretty committed to your new home state too. Because THAT’S a good reason, right?

Actually, I like Massachusetts for a number of reasons, all of them trumping the amount of time spent in the DMV. And, considering the horrific experience I was geared up for, everything went pretty smoothly, all things considered. Here was my key to staying calm throughout the process: Time. I didn’t have anything else on the agenda today except to write twelve more pages of a fifteen-page paper, and I didn’t do that, but hey, what are Saturdays for?

This is also my secret to time management. Mom, you know how you’re always asking how I get so much done? Here’s how: I procrastinate about as much as everyone else (except gamers, probably), but I procrastinate by working on other things that I have to do anyway. This is how I routinely got nine hours of sleep per night throughout college, and why I never had to pull an all-nighter to write a final paper. It’s also how my room stays neat. (Don’t feel like writing? Research. Don’t feel like researching? Write. Don’t feel like reading OR writing? Do laundry.)

Anyway, I offer my tremendous thanks to Laura at Triple-A, and to Laurie, Maria, and Patty at the DMV (see y’all again Monday! I’ll remember my passport this time). Next up in this series of adventures will be the Somerville Parking Permit Challenge.

What I’m reading: Traffic, Tom Vanderbilt; A Thousand Splendid Suns, Khaled Hosseini (audiobook)
What I’m listening to: Remain in Light, Talking Heads

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One response to “Adventures at the DMV

  1. mom

    and i thought i would hear all the reasons you like massachusetts that trump the hours at the dmv.
    thanks for your bit on time management. i also do other things but consistently put off the same things. i think that’s the key.
    but i did get a bike and am committed to riding, soon twice a week. today will be my first mid-week ride. unfortunately, there will be no breakfast involved.

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