First week in the new apartment! So far, so good. Everything’s in, and now some things have to go out; I could swear my books are breeding (a friend suggested that perhaps this was how Pride and Prejudice and Zombies came to be). Some Brooklyn friends moved into the neighborhood as well, and we traded a lamp for a chair (I am sure I got the better end of this deal, as it is a most excellent chair – picture TK).

Right away I started finding my way around the kitchen; Sunday night, Ben and I made chicken cheesesteaks.

Chicken, onion, red bell pepper, provolone cheese, some salt and pepper…mmm.

Monday night I baked bread, with the recipe from King Arthur Flour (my recipe box hasn’t turned up yet).

This is the normal loaf (above).

This is the undersized loaf with a snail-shaped scrap of dough pressed into the top (below).

I didn’t let them rise for all of the second hour, so the undersized loaf especially makes some very narrow sandwiches. Not bad for toast, though – I had some today with chicken soup for lunch, because despite the 90-degree weather, I have acquired a cold. (Drat! There goes my six-months-without-getting-sick streak.) Hopefully this one disappears within a day, because tomorrow I am leaving to visit family on the west coast, and flying while sick is miserable. Fingers crossed for my immune system to rise to the challenge!

What I’ve been reading: Talking to Girls About Duran Duran, Rob Sheffield; Traffic, Tom Vanderbilt
What I’ve been listening to: The Cure, Barenaked Ladies, The Replacements


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