The Well-Adjusted Person I Am Today

The last time I went to New York, I was hunting around in the basement of the Strand when I saw this neat little sign in the stacks:


I love little signs like these. This makes me smile, whereas “RESHELVE BOOKS ALPHABETICALLY” or even “PLEASE REPLACE BOOKS WHERE YOU FOUND THEM” wouldn’t; there seems to be a touch of humor in the way this one is worded, or maybe it’s just me. (I think it reminded me of Lucas’ “…and I became the well-adjusted person I am today” speech from Empire Records.)

Here’s a sign from a book cart in the library at school:

GSLIS = Graduate School of Library Science

A mis-shelved book is worse than an un-shelved book in the scheme of librarian nightmares. But, they have enough trust in us librarians-in-training to let us reshelve our own books, apparently! (By the way, “reshelve” is too a word, Mr. Spell Check. Check yourself!)

Lorem Ipsum Books in Cambridge also prefers you leave the reshelving to them:

“Leave the shelving to us! Please place unwanted books here.”

Lorem Ipsum has some of the best – and funniest – bookstore signage I’ve seen. For example, beach reading…

…and anti-beach reading.

They also have a shelf of “Dubious Ideas: books we don’t believe in” (implied: but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read them):

And a box of the “deeply miscellaneous”:

Robots, unicorns, and pirates all get lumped together on one shelf:

But what an excellent shelf that is.

What I’m reading: Birds Without Wings, Louis de Bernieres
What I’m listening to: Funeral, Arcade Fire


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One response to “The Well-Adjusted Person I Am Today

  1. Ooh, look at you, listening to Funeral all the time! That makes me smile. I knew you’d have to love it. 😀

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