1 and 2

BUDA tournament, Day Two: 1 and 2, so 5 and 2 overall.

These pictures are from our second game on Saturday; on Sunday it rained, so I didn’t have the camera out.

#4, fierce on defense.

Sunday results aren’t all officially up yet, but here are the scores of the first three games of pool play on Saturday, before the re-seed (we’re OTP, a.k.a. One Trick Pony, except now we’re actually called Flight School because there’s another One Trick Pony in St. Louis or someplace):

Sunday was drizzly and we lost our first game, won our second, and lost our third (to a team we’d beaten in our first game on Saturday). Consolation prize: showers, clean dry clothes, pizza and beer. A good end to a good weekend…and Sectionals is coming up in three weeks!

What I’m reading: About A Boy, Nick Hornby
What I’m listening to: Doolittle, the Pixies

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