Sectionals recap

UPA Mixed Sectionals for our region were last weekend. For once, we had great weather both days of the tournament.

Saturday morning:

Saturday we went 3-2, which was enough to secure us a later start time on Sunday. We won our first game on Sunday, but lost the second. While we were waiting to see who we’d be playing in the third game, some of us did this:

And you would be AMAZED at how long this took. It’s like these four skipped grade school, middle school, high school, summer camp, and college altogether. But by bringing all their intelligence and life experience to bear (and with some outside guidance and instruction), they were able to get into a square. Victory!

Turned out that for our third game we’d be playing a team we’d beaten the day before, so some people decided to call it a day and go home, but the rest of us stayed to play. It was a beautiful day, after all. And then we all got ice cream!

What I’m reading: The Discomfort Zone, Jonathan Franzen
What I’m listening to: Horses, Patti Smith


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