Rosh Hashanah Potluck

I’d gotten into a comfortable pattern for the Jewish holidays when I was in New York, but this year several of us (myself included) scattered, and I had to devise a holiday from scratch. A bunch of friends, new and old, came together to make it a wonderful (and delicious) time.

Apples and honey, of course – for a sweet new year.

Cheese and crackers, for snacking while we waited for everyone to arrive.

A delicious couscous salad with radishes, cucumber, feta, and mint – definitely a hit.

“Commander chicken” – my dad’s recipe.

Challah, and a potted Gerber daisy from Trader Joe’s…I couldn’t resist.

Apple crisp. I got carried away with the cinnamon, so it wasn’t my best, but even if it had been, it would have been outshined by…

This incredible lemon bundt cake. Mmm.

Not pictured: a tasty salad with peanut tofu, and French bread with bruschetta. Thank you everyone for coming, bringing food, and making it a wonderful beginning to the new year!


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One response to “Rosh Hashanah Potluck

  1. mommy

    can i get the recipe for the lemon bundt cake?

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