“I like to talk to the robot.”

Once again, writing a draft of a blog post in Word because our internet is out. Again. I swear this shit follows me around like a curse. Either that, or it’s this bad all the time, for everyone, in which case, WHY are we still paying them (Time Warner, Comcast, etc.) every month for service we DON’T GET?

The silver lining to this is that my roommate, and not I, is the one who’s constantly on the phone with Comcast, getting transferred from one robot to another until he finally reaches a person who – maybe, if he’s lucky, transfers him to another person, and so on, until finally he reaches The Person With The Magic Button who restores our internet access.

Boston. Massachusetts. United States of America. Two thousand ten. WE WERE SUPPOSED TO HAVE FLYING CARS AND JETPACKS BY NOW. (Speaking of which: I’ve never listened to them, but We Were Promised Jetpacks is one of the best band names ever.)

Annnnnd we’re back (online)! Third roommate just entered, and inspired a total and complete lack of jealousy in the other two of us by announcing she’s taking sixty eighth graders on a field trip tomorrow (she’s a teacher).

Also today – this Tuesday was suspiciously Mondayish – I got on the green line (E) train after spending three hours in class followed by six hours working in the library (that’s nine (9) hours at school, ten including lunch) only to have the train stop before we even got to Copley, and it was stopped for TWENTY-FIVE MINUTES. And I was hungry and cold and very nearly out of reading material, but I had the New Yorker with me so I just read more of it than I usually would. And then I stopped at the grocery store to get pumpkin and now there are pumpkin-apple-chocolate-chip muffins in the oven and this day is finally, at 10:26pm, looking up.

And here are some pictures of morning glories, from various people’s railings in Brooklyn.

Oh wait, internet is out again. The internet was also out in Brooklyn last weekend, because of the tornado. Yes, that’s right – back to the category of Things Going (Unexpectedly) Wrong – there was a tornado in Brooklyn last week. A TORNADO. IN BROOKLYN.

There were broken trees all over, snapped branches strewn across the sidewalk. Someone went ahead and gave this tree remnant some Brooklyn pride.

As far as I know, though, all the houses retained their roofs, and there were no flying cows, and it was all in color to start with – much like the other “tornado” I lived through when I first moved to Brooklyn, in August 2007. That day, unfortunately, I was trying to fly to Chicago, and THAT, my friends, is why I always build extra time in when I am figuring how long it will take to get to the airport: because YOU NEVER KNOW when a tornado will hit New York and gum up the subway system. I should probably start earthquake-proofing my room here in Boston, though actually, it pretty much already is; nine years in California will make you just paranoid enough, it turns out, not to want to hang framed pictures over the bed (or anywhere people are going to sleep or sit), or have your china in glass-fronted cabinets (not that I, at 25, have either china or glass-fronted cabinets). (For safety purposes, of course.)

That’s right. The danger of teacups. Be on the alert, people!

Oh my God. It is out again (12:33am). I am going to beat that modem to death with a baseball bat.

What I’ve been reading: Love Is A Mix Tape, Rob Sheffield
What I’ve been listening to: various mixes; Bach cello suites


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