The New Anti-Smoking Campaign

I regret that I did not see this sign in person, but I wanted to share it anyway:

Do not drop your cigarette butts on the ground. The chipmunks come out of the bushes to smoke them and we are trying to get them to quit.

Unrelated: two people recommended this illustrated blog to me within a few days of each other, and I can totally see why. That particular link goes to a post called “This Is Why I’ll Never Be An Adult,” which I can really relate to right now. See, I felt all virtuous and responsible yesterday because I did a bunch of housecleaning and then made appointments at the eye doctor AND the dentist (and you KNOW how much I hate the dentist), and did some homework, and was just generally sort of feeling on top of things  (“I’m above a lot of things that I was under” -Andrew Norsworthy, “Vancouver”), but that never lasts, does it? You can go to the grocery store and the bank and clean the house and get rid of old clothes you aren’t going to wear anymore (and, let’s be honest, haven’t worn in the last year anyway), and you can clean out this drawer and that shelf, and do laundry, and cut your nails and floss your teeth…and then you have to do it all again tomorrow (teeth), or next week (groceries). You never really do catch up.

Which is why it’s good to have funny things like this to look at, especially if you’re going to the dentist first thing Saturday morning and probably need to recalibrate your pain scale anyway.

What I’m reading: The House of Sleep, Jonathan Coe
What I’m listening to: a mishmash of things.


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