Pizza Party

If you buy pre-made dough, it’s easy; you get to decorate it yourself, which is fun; and it only takes about ten minutes in the oven, so it’s quick. Can’t really ask for much more, can you? Oh, and you can put vegetables on it, so it’s healthy. Trifecta plus one!

Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it: pizza with butternut squash, spinach, sauteed onion, blue cheese, and parmesan. Soooo good.

Close-up in low light…it tasted better than it looks here, promise.

But for the traditionalists…

…a “normal” pizza, with tomato sauce, mozzarella, tomatoes, parmesan, oregano, and a little bit of rosemary and olive oil on the crust.

We were intending to garnish it with some fresh basil leaves, but the plant (not mine!) was a bit dead (only mostly dead?) so we left it off. It was tremendously tasty anyway.

After dinner we decided (“we” is me, a cousin of mine, and a mutual friend of ours) to go to the store to get brownie mix and peanut butter chips. There was one of those little carousels outside, the kind you put a quarter in and it plays music and goes around at about 3mph. Naturally I suggested that we go on it – three horses, three of us! – and because we had had wine with dinner, they immediately agreed. The necessary quarter was produced and we all rode the carousel. See, kids? Childhood doesn’t end at 18! Or 25. (Or even in your early 30s, if my roommate is any indication.)

So, yeah. Pizza!

What I’m reading: The Good Thief, Hannah Tinti
What I’m listening to: “Raindrop,” Chopin, by Helene Grimaud


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  1. mommy

    O MY! did anyone think to take a picture? I would have loved to see that. How much wine do you need to drink to get on a carousel?

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