Battle of the Internet Service Providers

So the internet went out again yesterday, and I got to call Comcast, because the resident IT superhero was at work. And you know what? I navigated easily through their automated phone menu, spent barely any time listening to hold music, and spoke to a real person – ONE real person – who FIXED THE PROBLEM. Revelation. Wonderment. Joy and splendor. Glory hallelujah! All she had to do was refresh the modem, which we both knew, but she was perfectly polite, and we were both patient with each other, and look at that, a customer service experience that didn’t devolve into a TOTAL NIGHTMARE. How ’bout that, Time Warner?

Battle of the internet service providers:
Comcast: +5 points
Time Warner: -12 squillion points

Of course, with my luck, Time Warner will control the internet in the next place I live, and some extraordinarily bored employee of theirs – someone who has exhausted every other single even mildly entertaining resource on the web – will have stumbled across this blog, and this employee will be all, “It’s ON.” We could even do a Point/Counterpoint for The Onion where my side is “Dude, I am cursed,” and TW’s side is, “No, we are out to get you.” No wizards and elves and spells and charms here, just a big corporation.

Since this is categorized under “rant” anyway…I heard “Friday I’m in Love” on the radio. On Thursday. Anyone else take issue with that?

What I’m reading: The Good Thief, Hannah Tinti
What I’m listening to: Galore, The Cure

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