Caught up to yesterday

I am not normally a sun-loving creature, but THANK GOODNESS the sun has finally come out. After days and days of gray and rain it’s really nice to see some daylight.

Yesterday morning a lot of little things were going wrong and piling up and I was feeling behind on schoolwork and I decided that going to the gym would get all the happy chemicals going again, so I packed everything up and headed to the train. When I got to the platform I was about to put my wet umbrella on the bench next to me, but then I thought someone might sit there later and get all wet, so I put it on the ground between my feet instead. Then the train came, and naturally I walked off without my umbrella. I got a seat, but then, through my headphones, I heard a man shouting, and the woman sitting next to me tapped me on the shoulder; the man was standing on the platform right in front of the doors, holding my umbrella. I looked up from my book and stood up and nodded and he literally threw it through the doors, and I caught it and sat back down. I thanked the woman who had alerted me, and generally felt much, much better about humanity and things in general. It was like a reset button on my day, a “people are good” moment that wiped out all the little annoyances that had piled up earlier.

So thanks, people of Cambridge, and thanks to the student group who stocks the student lounge with free hot chocolate. Y’all are awesome.

(Also, after spending the better part of today reading, researching, and writing, I’m just about caught up to where I should have been yesterday. Going to use the next few days to get ahead…and maybe enjoy some of this sunshine.)

What I’m reading: Eva Moves the Furniture, Margot Livesey
What I’m listening to: Be OK, Ingrid Michaelson; El Momento Descuidado, The Church; #1 Record/Radio City, Big Star

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