Tiny Monkeys!

Last weekend, I went to the Prospect Park Zoo for the first time ever. I went to the park all the time when I lived in Brooklyn, but never to the zoo. But, after several weekend visits back where I didn’t do anything much but hang out with friends and eat (not that that’s a bad thing), I decided it would be good to do an Activity. Thus, the zoo. (Also the Guggenheim, which was awesome, but they most definitely do not allow photography there, oh no they do not.)


Rock wallaby, posed accordingly. There were four, and one of them supposedly had a little baby in her pouch, but we only saw two and not the one with the baby.

Probably the most exciting – definitely the most looked-forward-to: the red panda (aka lesser panda, aka “fire fox”)! There were two, and they were awesome. Very bright coats – this photo doesn’t do justice – and little teddy bear faces and foxy ears.

They mostly walked around in circles, sat, and walked around again.

There was also a barn section, with sheep and (very fat) goats and mini ponies and ALPACAS.

It seemed like the strategy of the zoo was to acquire cool, unusual animals that slept so much that they didn’t need a lot of space; in addition to the red pandas, there was also a porcupine (asleep).

We also saw ducks, turtles, river otters, sea lions, tamarin monkeys, and baboons.

And a goose that had been doing yoga.

All in all, it was a very good outing.

What I’m reading: Eva Moves the Furniture, Margot Livesey
What I’m listening to: El Momento Decuidado, The Church



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3 responses to “Tiny Monkeys!

  1. mommy

    so where are the tiny monkey pictures?

  2. Didn’t take any. They were really tiny though, trust me.

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