Molasses Spice Cookies

It is officially Fall, which means that in addition to making Soups I am also making Molasses Spice Cookies. Now, the recipe for these cookies is from New Best Recipe, one of my favorite go-to cookbooks, and they’ve come out pretty close to perfect every time I’ve made them.

Ingredients (L to R): cinnamon, salt, black pepper, baking soda, white sugar, vanilla, brown sugar, allspice, flour, cloves, ginger, molasses (not pictured: butter, egg).

This time, however, the first batch – though they looked perfect on top – carbonized on the bottom. Blackened cookie bottoms are not tasty!

So for the next batch I did not use parchment paper; the results were a little better, but the bottoms were still very dark. For the last batch (of four cookies – the earlier batches made twelve each), I lowered the oven temp from 375 F to 350 F, and that seemed to do the trick. So: no parchment paper, 350 degrees!


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