Return of the Luminous Cider Donut

We’re having a run of gorgeous October weather. A friend and I took advantage of it over the weekend to go apple picking at Honey Pot Hill Orchards. It had been almost a year since I went. First off: cider donuts.

To get to the cider donuts, however, we first had to go past a goat obstacle course.

For real. The goats would climb up these long ramps to little platforms, and kids could send food up in cups on a kind of rope pulley system, which would dump the contents of the cup on the platform.

I believe the main plank in the goats’ platform was “more food,” but they were also campaigning for social justice and the new health care system.

Into the orchard itself: there were several varieties of apple available for picking. We started with Mutsu apples, which taste a little like Granny Smith, but milder.

Next, Empire apples, a cross between MacIntosh and Red Delicious. Then we moved on to Spencers (MacIntosh + Golden Delicious), some Cortlands, and MacIntosh and Macoun.

We did not buy a pumpkin.

On the way home, we brainstormed what to do with our apples. We ended up making an apple crisp – to begin with.

Stay tuned for more apple desserts, and homemade applesauce!

What I’ve been reading: The Likeness, Tana French; The Thieves of Manhattan, Adam Langer
What I’ve been listening to: This Addiction, Alkaline Trio; Plans, Death Cab for Cutie


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