Apples Three Ways

Project COOK ALL THE APPLES continued through the weekend. Sunday night we made “apples three ways”: apple cake, baked apples, and applesauce.

We found this recipe on Epicurious for Applesauce Spice Muffins, but we didn’t have a muffin tin, so we made Applesauce Spice Cake instead.

I had no part in these delicious baked apples – I had had an incident with the vegetable peeler whilst peeling the apples for applesauce, and was bleeding into the sink at the time. Basically, though, the idea is you take the core out of an apple and fill it with delicious things (butter, brown sugar, pecans, etc.).

Meanwhile, we also made applesauce. Then all together in a bowl…

…a la mode, of course.

What I’m reading: The Thieves of Manhattan, Adam Langer
What I’m listening to: This Addiction, Alkaline Trio



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2 responses to “Apples Three Ways

  1. mommy

    you guys are decadent. i want to live with you.

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