That Makes Sense

Since moving to the Porter Square area, I’ve been wondering exactly where the dividing line between Cambridge and Somerville is. Briefly I thought that Mass Ave was the dividing line, but quickly realized that wasn’t it (I could have ruled it out immediately on the grounds that it makes sense, and is therefore unlikely). Sure, I could have looked up a map online and figured this out, but before I got around to that, I was walking down Oxford Street (in Cambridge, not to be confused with Oxford Street in Somerville, and that’s another thing, there is zero creativity when it comes to street names – there’s at least one repeat of every name in Cambridge, Somerville, Boston proper, and probably all of the surrounding towns and suburbia as well. Mass(achusetts), Comm(onwealth), Concord, Prospect, Cambridge, Arlington, Highland, Summer/Winter/Spring/Autumn – not Fall, that would be confusing, heaven forbid – the list goes on), and lo and behold…

Smack dab in the middle of Oxford Street. In the middle of a BUILDING. I found another on Somerville Ave.

Because, you know, that makes sense.

What I’ve been reading: Homer & Langley, E.L. Doctorow
What I’ve been listening to: Plans, Death Cab for Cutie; Say I Am You, the Weepies


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One response to “That Makes Sense

  1. Ben

    I used to live in Inman Sq, which – well, the square, the intersection, is in Cambridge, but I walked past one of those “Cambridge | Somerville” street signs every day. I lived just across the line in Somerville. Always thought it was interesting.

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