Two Tournaments, Two Days

Saturday: the Hampshire College home tournament. Played with the alumni team. We acquitted ourselves quite respectably, considering: a) there were about 9 of us who were non-injured, b) we haven’t played together as a team in six months, c) some of us haven’t been playing at all, and d) cold, wet feet.

It looks beautiful (and it is! Western Mass., I miss you), but the lower field was full of puddles, and since they STILL haven’t figured out how to make waterproof cleats, this meant wet cleats, wet socks, and wet feet in 40-degree weather. Not fun.

Sunday: Second day of Lemony Fresh in Falmouth, MA. There were some injuries from day one, so we were a little short, but not savage, thankfully (for non-frisbee folk: savage is when you only have as many players as need to be on the field at all times, i.e. seven; there are no subs, so no one gets a break. Okay for one game, rough for a tournament). Being the Cape in November, it was gray, cold, extraordinarily windy, and threatening rain; it did begin to rain during our third and final game, but it held off just enough.

And that is the end of the season for me, frisbee-wise. Sometimes I think the main purpose of this sport is to reinforce one’s appreciation of clean, dry, warm socks.

What I’m reading: The New Yorker (I’m in between books)
What I’m listening to: Everyday Behavior, Melee; Exit 263, Chamberlain

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