Fun with Photoshop

Oh dear, it has been a little while, hasn’t it? Since the last post, I’ve been to New York (where I discovered Eataly – why didn’t I know about that while I was living there?) and back, handed in two out of three final projects for school, baked five dozen cookies for a cookie swap, and went to a Photoshop workshop. I thought I’d share my very elementary Photoshop results here.

First, I took a photo from my “Apples Three Ways” post, and used the “blur” tool to blur the background and make the apples stand out:

Here, I used the “smudge” tool to make this October tree look like it was on fire. Psychedelic fire!

In this one, I adjusted the brightness and contrast to make this red panda look more like a RED panda and less like a nondescript panda. (See original here.)

The content-aware tool has come a long way – Stalin would be overjoyed. Here, I erased a kangaroo:

(Original photo, complete with kangaroo, is here.)

Finally, fun with layers: I stole some photos from the internet (thanks, google image search!), and put a hedgehog in front of the Eiffel Tower. (Someone should warn the French. Considering the size of that hedgehog relative to the Eiffel Tower, they’ll want to surrender immediately.)

Just kidding! I love the French. And their croissants. Mmm, croissants.

What I’ve been reading: How Did You Get This Number, Sloane Crosley; Life, Keith Richards; Tinkers, Paul Harding; The Gift of Rain, Tan Twan Eng
By the way, you can read my book reviews (such as they are) on Goodreads.
What I’ve been listening to: Achtung Baby, U2; Let It Be, The Replacements; The Hour of the Bewilderbeast, Badly Drawn Boy

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  1. you didn’t know about Eataly because it wasn’t there when you lived there! I definitely want to check it out the next time i’m in NYC.

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