Pre-Thanksgiving feast

Much as birthdays can be stretched from a day to a week (allowing celebrations to spill over to weekends, and scatterbrained friends not to feel bad about remembering a day late), I like to stretch Thanksgiving out as much as possible. I mean, here is a formula for a truly great holiday, amiright?

Family + Friends + Food + Gratitude = Thanksgiving

It even rhymes. I rest my case.

So some of us began a little early.

I tried a new recipe, this cranberry-pecan “pie” from PW. I put “pie” in quotes because if you want to get technical about it this is probably a “buckle” or some other cobbler/crisp/pie variant – it has a layer of (delicious) crust over the top, but none underneath. The cranberries are VERY tart, but that’s why the recipe calls for so much sugar. And the day is SAVED!

Yes, there’s more sugar on top.

One friend brought the necessary snacking-while-cooking materials: brie, apples, and a baguette for making toasts. And wine.

Toasts! (Slice baguette thinly, brush with olive oil, and broil for a couple of minutes – watch carefully!)

I made another batch of cranberry sauce – so easy to put together, and colorful! (My contributions to our dinner were very cranberry-heavy; I tried to stay away from pumpkin for once, as my roommate is inexplicably un-fond of it.)

He made these amazing little fried apple pies. Sadly – though it’s probably a good thing in terms of my personal longevity – my tolerance for fried foods is much lower than my tolerance for sweet foods, so I only managed to eat half of one. However, if you are looking to start a 24-hour diner, set up near a college, find a cook who can make these, and you can retire early.

Dinner wasn’t all sugar and oil, though; we had greens and squashes and beets as well.

The butternut squash dish you see at eleven o’clock is this one from Smitten Kitchen.

Oh, and that’s the other wonderful thing about Thanksgiving…leftovers!

What I’ve been reading: Tinkers, Paul Harding
What I’ve been listening to: Tim, The Replacements; This Addiction, Alkaline Trio; Achtung Baby, U2; The Hour of the Bewilderbeast, Badly Drawn Boy


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