Happy Hanukkah! (JST)

Note: I began writing this post six days ago, and then surpassed my own record for procrastination and failed, even with an eight-day window, to get a Hanukkah post up during the actual holiday. That said…just pretend you read this a few days ago?


One of the many great things about Hanukkah is that it allows for procrastination, gives the USPS some wiggle room, and generally prevents the “oh no, [fill-in-the-blank] isn’t going to get here/be ready in time!” panic that Christmas so often seems to inspire. Basically, it takes JST (Jewish Standard Time) into account. And for that we are thankful.

That said – happy Hanukkah!

I even got out of class absurdly early Wednesday night, so I could come home and make latkes.

And light candles!

Happy much-belated Hanukkah!



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