Applesauce Cake with Caramel Glaze

For those who just made New Year’s resolutions to eat less sugar: I’m sorry to spring another dessert recipe on you, but you HAD to know that this was not the place to visit if you were really trying to keep that resolution. And anyway, this has applesauce in it, so it’s totally healthy.

Well, before you add the caramel glaze, maybe.

Which is surprisingly easy to make.

A little powdered sugar sifted over top is nice, too.

Okay, so by no stretch of the imagination could this really be called healthy.

I discovered this little gem on Food52, and made it with a friend at her house; it turned out absolutely beautifully (as you can see), and wasn’t that hard at all – I encourage you to make it! You will need a bundt pan, though, unless you are going to adapt it to another size and shape, which I’m sure wouldn’t be too difficult – but the bundt pan does make it look so fancy!

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