The weathermen were not bluffing after all, it seems.


I think this is the first time I’ve seen “blizzard” in the weather conditions space, though I’ve certainly experienced plenty of blizzards – maybe I just didn’t bother to look online for the weather report then, as I could look out the window and SEE that we were having a blizzard. It’s better than “wintry mix,” anyway; they may as well say, “Yeah, we don’t really know. Good luck!” And sleet and freezing rain and mini-hail aren’t my cup of tea. (Are they anyone’s? “I’ll have the Earl Grey, please.” “Oh, and the freezing rain for me, thanks very much.”)

Anyway. Quite snowy.

This is the front porch. I’ll be inside as much as possible today. But once the snow stops…sledding!

What I’m reading: Shit My Dad Says, Justin Halpern; Under the Banner of Heaven, Jon Krakauer
What I’m listening to: Jason Nichols

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