Snow and Aftermath

The view from my window during the blizzard:

View of the street, walking home in the evening (it was still snowing):

The next day: sunshine, blue skies, blindingly white snow.

Also, some creative snowmen. Clearly, there are geometry fans on the loose.

Why make snowballs when you can make snowpolyhedrons? I mean, really.

Expressionless expressionists.

And then there’s this guy. Who even knows? But he’s happy.

Nighttime; the moon through snowy branches.

Streetlight shining on icicles at the T stop on the green line.

Note to the Green Line: if you have to stop for traffic lights, you don’t really count as a train. And these things don’t really count as “shelters.”

So, yup, it’s still cold, if anyone’s wondering.

What I’m reading: One Day, David Nicholls


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One response to “Snow and Aftermath

  1. Carol magin

    i love the futuristic snowmen—-creativity thrives in the storm.
    don’t know how to post photos but grandpa took some of the pond and several
    views of property. the ice on the trees sparkled like miniature lights. it’s really
    a winter wonderland when it snows here. no cars going bye so the beauty lasts
    until it rains, which it did so we have some icy spots on our road.
    we will be in Boston on the 19th and 20th. hope you can meet us for dinner on the 19th— to celebrate your birthday. leaving for points west on the 27th.
    reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett. saw The King’s Speech–twice!!!!

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